The phrase “Return of rosy cheeks” sums up the core message of The Pulkka by Wiitta products.


Our products promote a heathy glow and rosy cheeks and spread the joy of outdoor activities. Our mission is to get every child and adult sledding.


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For a winter thrill, there’s nothing quite like sledding. No special skills are required—just a couple of firm kicks for speed and off you go. As you zoom down the hill at the speed of wind, you can feel the snow flying around you. Hold on to your hat! When you reach the bottom, just grab the string on your sled and pull it to the top of the hill again. Repeat as many times as you like. Forget about computer games, there’s a new sport in town!


The Pulkka is back. The sled is an all-time winter favorite. Our parents’ generation loved it. As did our grandparents. And the sled’s basic properties have remained the same: speed is of the essence. Which is your favorite? The sled or the slider?


It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to winter. Snow is just around the corner. Winter is no time to be indoors because it offers things you can’t experience during summer. No entrance ticket is required; all you need is a sled and a hill. Gravity takes care of the rest. Just jump in.


The Pulkka is the fastest way to zoom down the hill, small or large. It offers the best entertainment without the need for recharging or updates. But it helps you recharge your batteries. It is the best winter fun for the entire family. So why not take a thermos of hot chocolate and head to the hill? Enjoy the thrill of sledding! Hello rosy cheeks!